Stratus Construction Company has been very successful working with building owners who have benefited from forgivable façade loan programs. One program CDBG, also know as the Community Development Block Grant is a Federal Grant program made accessible to building owners in the City of Stockton and to the City of Tracy.

We closely adhere to, and continue to meet all of the criteria set forth by the CDBG. Some of the requirements are:

Maintain current registration with the State of California D.I.R. Maintain a current DUNS registration number.

Maintain current State licensing in all the trades performed.

Maintain Workers Compensation Insurance on all employees. Additionally, our employees are fully Anthem Blue Cross benefited.

Maintain a $1,000,000.00 Limited Liability insurance policy naming the City and Building Owner as additional insured.

Maintain weekly Certified Payroll Reports complying with the Davis-Bacon Federal and/or State prevailing wage requirements.

Maintain all correspondence and payments as required to all labor/apprenticeship councils and State of California DIR.

Maintain program compliancy during the duration of construction. This is by staying in communication weekly with the required documentation and submissions to the City’s Labor Compliancy Officer.

We will also assist and advise the building owner with obtaining Architectural plans, permits and building inspections to ensure successful completion of the project.